Port Sanilac Harbor


I began painting twelve years ago after taking twenty-five years “off.”  What seemed to be a hobby quickly turned into a passion and I found myself constantly composing scenes before me and thinking about the myriad of possible ways to paint them.  I continue to enjoy challenges and rewards as I pursue this passion.  A goal of mine is to become a stronger painter every year. Through inspiration, composition, value and color I want to communicate to the viewer my love of light as it passes through the filter of this soul named Mike Henry.

A favorite quote of mine from Annie Dillard’s book Pilgrim at Tinker Creek sums up my “condition:”

“It is my leisure as well as my work, a game.  It is a fierce game I have joined because it is being played anyway, a game of both skill and chance, played against an unseen adversary – the conditions of time – in which the payoff, which may suddenly arrive in a blast of light at any moment, might as well come to me as anyone else.  I stake the time I’m grateful to have, the energies I’m glad to direct.”

About Mike Henry